Woodbridge (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

woodbridge woodbridge woodbridge Handsome Victorian Gothic pump in the Market Place, with the inscription "Erected 1876". It was provided by the Seckford Charity, named after Thomas Seckford, a local benefactor, who provided the funding for many other worthy causes in the town. Looks well looked after, although the stone is showing signs of weather erosion and the canopy has lost one of its ornamental spires. The wheel connects to an external crank mechanism, and the spout emerges separately, probably suggesting that this is a lift and force pump.

Markings: "J. Tylor & Sons, Engineers, London". Mike Tovey adds that there's also a plate affixed to the pump stating "R W Allen Plumber Woodbridge".

Manufacturer: J. Tylor & Sons of London. Installer: Robert W. Allen of Woodbridge.

woodbridge  woodbridge A bit of an enigma: a pump behind a row of cottages in Bredfield Street, Woodbridge. Picture © Linn Barringer.

Markings: Model name "PARRY 3" on the barrel.

Manufacturer: Possibly Parry Pumps Ltd., of Walsall.

woodbridge A most unusual pump at Woodbridge, Suffolk. Is the corrugated sheathing a form of insulation? Thanks to John Hurst for the photo.

Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Unk

woodbridge, 2014 At Tangham, near Woodbridge, Suffolk, this pump is set above a well-preserved brick-lined well. Thanks to Gary & Vicky for the photo, and they report that they intend to renovate the pump.

Markings: "CLIMAX 111/27" on the barrel, "572" on the flange and "CLIMAX ENGLAND" on the stopcock.

Manufacturer: Thomas & Son of Worcester.

woodbridge, 2018 Woodbridge, Suffolk. Thanks to Bob Taylor for the photo.

Markings: A label stating "English Village Pump".

Manufacturer: Unk, but clearly a refurbished old pump.