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Our April 2012 survey of Jersey resulted in a total of 23 located pumps, many of which are already on the official Jersey listings, kindly provided by Roger Hills of Jersey Heritage - thanks, Roger (who subsequently provided us with a photo of one we missed). We spotted some additional ones, and have provided Jersey Heritage with a write-up. Close inspection showed that some pumps carry trademarks, and this has led to a number of their manufacturers being identified. Even with a satnav we managed to get lost in a maze of tiny back lanes and in the limited time available were unable to find a small number of known pumps, but this gives us an excellent excuse to return.

For some of the more remote pumps it was often difficult to determine exactly which village they were in, so for the sake of accuracy it was simpler to list them against their parish. Hence, for example, St. Aubin pumps will be found under St. Brelade.

St. Helier See separate page.

St. Ouen See separate page.

Grouville See separate page.

St. Saviour See separate page.

St. Martin See separate page.

St. Lawrence See separate page.

St. Brelade See separate page.

St. Mary See separate page.

St. Peter See separate page.

St. Clement See separate page.

St. John No pumps located yet.

Trinity No pumps located yet.

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