Chalgrove (click on photographs to bring up bigger/better versions).

[Thanks to Mike Woolford for all the photos.]

chalgrove A smart installation at Chalgrove, Oxon, complete with 4ft cast iron cattle trough.

Markings: Various decorative embellishments.

Manufacturer: Modern Chinese manufacturer.

chalgrove A fully-restored semi-rotary at Chalgrove, Oxon. Its condition before restoration is shown on the right, and click here to see the steps in the restoration

Markings: "No2H" on the front and "S5A No 2" or possibly "S&A No2" on the edge.

Manufacturer: Unk, but "No2H" has been seen once before elsewhere on a pump with a Lee Howl flag.

chalgrove An old lead pump at Chalgrove, Oxon. Thanks also to the Jacques family for allowing access.

Markings: Floral decorations on the tank.

Manufacturer: Unk.