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Welcome to this unique website, dedicated to the study of old Village Pumps in the UK, investigating their remaining locations, their design and manufacture, their history, and the relationship to their communities then and now. From the fanciful: To the functional: To the forgotten:
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The menu on the left should be self-explanatory. The ever-growing Directory is a location index leading to the core of the site, where you can find details and photographs of thousands of old pumps. Check to see if your local pump is included yet and, if it isn't, then why not send me the details, along with a photograph if possible, and I'll add it to the collection. Please note that after adding a representative example of each type I'm no longer including any pumps that can be bought new, e.g., those that are widely sold through garden centres or are installed in parks or at seaside wash-down areas.

Fakes, replicas, water pillars and assorted street objects that have fooled us in the past now have a page of their own.

And I've added a "grey-out" feature to indicate where a pump has been lost since we photographed it. Thankfully, it's a rare occurrence.

The UK Distribution Map provides an alternative method of getting to the pump details. The red numbers that appear against each County/Unitary Authority/Region are derived from the National Register of Village Pumps, which currently totals:

Current Total

If you'd like to read more, then there's just a few copies left of "The Book"...
Nov 2019: We have sad news that Bob Taylor, our "man in Essex", who contributed over 250 entries to our website, recently passed away. Thanks for everything, Bob - you did a great job.
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