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Since establishing this website back in 2006, I've been really surprised by the growing number of people, societies and parish councils contacting me, either contributing photos and details of their local pumps or requesting advice on how to preserve and renovate them. So it seemed to me that a book might be the answer, and Shire Books responded enthusiastically to my suggestion.

After much additional research, the painstaking production of over 100 images - including identifying and selecting some marvellous old photographs, and with a lot of helpful advice from my editor, the book was finally published in May 2009. Although Shire Books publications can be difficult to find in the High St stores, it's easily available via the major Internet suppliers, and of course direct from Shire Books themselves.

Here's what the publishers have to say about it:



A Short History

How Hand Pumps Work

The Pumps

Preservation and Renovation

Further Information


Further Reading


Title: Village Pumps

Shire Library 482

Paperback; 56 pages; Published May 2009; ISBN: 9780747807049


Author: Richard Williams

About this book

The village pump was once the focal point of rural life, providing the only water supply to communities and offering a place in town squares and village greens for people to come together. Sadly, with the introduction of piped mains, the village pump rapidly fell out of favour, often neglected or removed from where they once proudly stood. Richard Williams brings deserved attention to the history of the village pump, exploring the many different designs that existed and shedding light on the communities that relied upon them. As recent movements from parish councils and local history societies push to restore and renovate their village pumps, this book is a timely study of these rural relics, and includes practical advice on where to obtain expert help, replacement parts, and possible local authority financial assistance.