Wareham (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

wareham A brightly-painted pump standing upon a stone plinth in Wareham, Dorset. It has a lead tank, and carries the Wareham town crest. Photo supplied by Mike Faherty - thanks Mike. A brass plaque carries the following inscription:
This Water Pump was one of a number and is believed to be the last
remaining, which supplied Wareham from the early 19th century
until 1905, when piped water was installed into the properties
of Wareham and surrounding areas.
The Foundation stone was the Keystone of the former
Lady St Mary's School in Bonners Lane Wareham, later referred to as the
Rogett School Built in 1885 (Ao Xi 1885 Anno Christi. In the year of Christ)
and demolished in the mid 1980's.

5th July 2002
There are two brass panels on the side of the pump, one stating "THIS WATER IS NOT SUITABLE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION", and the other "TO OPERATE PUMP LIFT HANDLE AND HOLD". What does this latter instruction mean? Was it perhaps not actually a pump at all but an artesian well?
Markings: The plinth carries the date - 1885 - referred to above.

Manufacturer: Unk.

wareham Just around the corner, on the river bank at Wareham, Dorset, is this chain pump.

Markings: "Bamford's Patent Chain Pump", "Registered Design", "Uttoxer" and the Bamford's shield appear on the cowling, together with various indistinct part numbers.

Manufacturer: Bamford's of Uttoxeter.