Stratford-upon-Avon Pumps (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

stratford, 2015 stratford This wood-boxed pump with a lead spout is tucked away in a front garden near the White Swan/Dirty Duck pub, on Waterside. Thanks to Shawn Shaw for the update, far left, which shows that the pump has been re-painted since first visited.

Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Unk.

stratford Just off Sheep St is an ancient cobbled courtyard. Within, Shrieve's House Barn houses "The Falstaff's Experience" and this pump stands just outside the entrance.

Markings: Corroded and can't see the details.

Manufacturer: Appleby's.

stratford In the grounds of the Swan's Nest Hotel.

Markings: Heavily over-painted.

Manufacturer: Appleby's.