Romaldkirk (click on photographs to bring up bigger/better versions).

romaldkirk The pump on Fell Lane, Romaldkirk, Co. Durham. A notice affixed to the pump invites visitors to contribute to the upkeep of the greens, and the pump housing doubles as a collecting box. Unique, I wonder? Thanks to John Hurst for the photos.

Markings: Lead tank carries an embossed lion and the date 1866.

Manufacturer: Unk.

romaldkirk This one in Romaldkirk was reported in 2001 as having a very handsome bronze spout, in the form of a "scaly dragon with open mouth", but it can't be made out in this photograph. Thanks to John Hurst for the photo.

Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Unk.

romaldkirk, 2015 On the green at Romaldkirk, this pump was reported as removed for refurbishment in 2011, but has now (2015) re-appeared with a superb wooden casing. Thanks to Kevin Nash for the photo

Markings: "2014" on the wooden casing.

Manufacturer: Unk.