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boncath Boncath, Pembs. Thanks to Marcus Simms for the photo.

Markings: "THEMAC"

Manufacturer: THEMAC is the trademark of The Metal Agencies Company Ltd, of Bristol.

broadmoor, 2015 At the Cross Inn, Broadmoor, Pembs. Thanks to Ruth Roberts for the photo.

Markings: "N".

Manufacturer: Currently unidentified, but Chinese websites have offered this type for sale.

Burton, Pembs See separate page.

caldey, 2016 A lone pump and cast iron trough at the lighthouse on Caldey Island - and apparently it still works. Thanks to Kirsty Peniket for the photos.

Markings: "J. WARNER'S".

Manufacturer: J. Warner's of London.
caldey, 2016

carew Very rusty pump on display at the Tidal Mill, Carew, Pembs.

Markings: HB and the numbers 6 [?] & 5.

Manufacturer: Unk.

Cosheston, Pembs See separate page.

crosswell, 2016 Crosswell, Pembs. Thanks to Ruth Roberts for the photo.

Markings: Flag and "3IN"

Manufacturer: Lee Howl.

crymych, 2016 Crymych, Pembs. Thanks to Ruth Roberts for the photos.

Markings: Lion and "W. JAMES & SONS CARDIGAN"

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans for William James & Sons of Cardigan.
crymych, 2016

dale At the old coastguard cottages, St. Anne's Head, near Dale, Pembs. Thanks to Clive Rees for the photo.

Markings: Flag and "3IN"

Manufacturer: Lee Howl.

dinas cross At Dinas Cross, Pembs. The setting has been nicely refurbished, but the pump itself is damaged.

Markings: Hex-framed "P".

Manufacturer: Trademark currently used by the German company, Puteus.
Inscription: dinas cross




freystrop, 2015 Just outside Freystrop, Pembs. Thanks to Shirley Pounder for the photo..

Markings: Lion

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.

haverfordwest Unusual semi-rotary pump outside White Hart House, 4 miles from Haverfordwest, Pembs, on the Dale Rd.

Markings: A thistle, and "No 5".

Manufacturer: Unk.

hill mountain, 2015 In the village of Hill Mountain, nr. Sardis, Pembs. Thanks to Francesca Young for the photos, and who tells us that her grandmother used to look after the pump many years ago.

Markings: Unk.

Manufacturer: Unk.
hill mountain, 2010

hundleton, 2015 At the Speculation Inn, near Hundleton, Pembs. Thanks to Allen & Katie for the photo.

Markings: None

Manufacturer: Unk.

letterston Two pumps in Letterston, Pembs. The one on the left is a water feature in a garden on St. David's Rd (the B 4331).

Markings: Couldn't get close enough to check.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans?
letterston Public pump in its own enclosure at the edge of St. David's Rd., nearer to the junction with the main A40.

Markings: Two hex-enclosed "P"s on the cylinder, and one on the stem.

Manufacturer: Trademark currently used by the German company, Puteus.

llanddewi velfrey Nicely presented pump in Llanddewi Velfrey, Pembs. Photograph provided by Camille Litherland - thanks, Camille!

Markings: Lion trademark.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.

llanrhian Badly corroded pump on the edge of the village of Llanrhian, Pembs.

Markings: Flag.

Manufacturer: Lee Howl.

llanstadwell, 2016 Llanstadwell, Pembs. Thanks to Alan Hawkins for the photo. Just behind the pump is a tablet on which you can just make out:
Markings: Lion.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.

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see pic I've
taken from www.geograph.'s site.
Two salvaged pumps on display in Llanteg, Pembs. Originally they were at Sparrows Nest and Crunwere Farms, but they were purchased by Llanteg History Society in order to enhance the Mountain Chapel Memorial Garden.

Markings: Both pumps have lion trademarks.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.

Llanychaer, Pembs See separate page.

marloes, 2015 Marloes, Pembs. Thanks to Anne Beegan for the photo. It has been brought to our attention that there's an Ordnance Survey rivet benchmark on the wall to the right of the pump, although the associated inscribed arrowhead has eroded away. (The strange interests that some people have...)

Markings: Not quite discernible in the photograph - possibly a shield?

Manufacturer: Unk.

Milford Haven, Pembs See separate page.

milton This one's in Milton, Pembs, near Stephen's Green Water Pumping Station. Pic sent in by Dave King, who reports that the pump doesn't work.

Markings: A small plaque stating "English Village Pump".

Manufacturer: Unk, but current thoughts are that it might be a refurbished original.

narberth  A barrel pump at St. Andrew's Church, Narberth, Pembs. Sign below instructs users to prime pump. Photograph provided by John Spencer of Llanfallteg.

Markings: Letter "P" in a hexagon.

Manufacturer: Puteus, of Germany.

new moat This pump at New Moat, Pembs, is very similar to the one at Olveston, Glos. Thanks to Natasha de Chroustchoff for the photo.

Markings: Reportedly "James of Bristol".

Manufacturer: Clearly this is the same firm as Llewellin & James of Bristol - but no idea what became of Llewellin!

neyland Neyland, nr Honeyborough Green..

Markings: Lion.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans

pembroke ferry, 2016 Pembroke Ferry, Pembs. Thanks to Tony Smith for the photo..

Markings: "LONDON" on one side of the spout (and doubtless "WARNERS" on the other side).

Manufacturer: J. Warners of London

penally A superb pump in Penally, Pembs. There's an inscription on the front which reads:


Markings: "Warners" and "London" on the spout.

Manufacturer: J. Warners of London.

pentlepoil Pentlepoir, Pembs. Photograph provided by Peter Dean - thanks, Peter..

Markings: Lion.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.

pontfaen Located nr Pontfaen in Cwm Gwaun, Pembs. Photograph provided by John Spencer of Llanfallteg.

Markings: No identification marks.

Manufacturer: Unk.

puncheston This is in the village of Puncheston, Pembs. Highly decorative pump, complete with what look like little gremlins on the spout, but on closer examination these turn out to be frogs. Photograph provided by John Spencer of Llanfallteg.

Markings: Lots of embellishments.

Manufacturer: Modern, made by the Jiangyan Fashion Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., China.

reynalton, 2015 Reynalton, Pembs. Thanks to Ruth Roberts for the photo.

Markings: Lion and probable "RD NO. 46671".

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.

rhodiad-y-brenin Overgrown pump at Rhodiad-y-Brenin, Pembs.

Markings: Lion and "Made in England".

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.

Roch, Pembs See separate page.

saundersfoot Saundersfoot, Pembs. Pic sent by Peter Dean - thanks, Pete.

Markings: None visible in this photo.

Manufacturer: Unk.

scleddau On the village green at Scleddau, Pembs. The fact that it is so well padlocked leads me to believe that it might be in working order.

Markings: Flag and 3".

Manufacturer: Lee Howl.

Solva, Pembs See separate page.

Stackpole, Pembs See separate page.

st. david's Telephoto shot through an archway at Cysgod-y-Twr, in the centre of St. David's, Pembs.

Markings: Couldn't get close enough to see.

Manufacturer: Unk, but looks very new.

tavernspite, 2015 Two pumps at Tavernspite, Pembs, both with tethered handles. Only the one on the left appears in a pre-First World War photograph. Thanks to Ruth Roberts for the photo.

Markings (Left Pump): Lion. (Right Pump): Lion and "MADE IN ENGLAND".

Manufacturer Joseph Evans.

templeton This one's near the Village Hall in Templeton, Pembs. It's the same model as I've seen in locations in Oxfordshire, but I've no idea who the manufacturer is. Thanks to Susan Lloyd for the photo on the left, and Ruth Roberts for the one on the right..

Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Unk.
templeton, 2015

trefin On a rocky outcrop in the centre of the little village of Trefin, Pembs.

Markings: On the pump top - "Made in England", 3", and on the extension column a hexagon-surrounded "P" trademark.

Manufacturer: Possibly a bit of a hybrid: the pump itself has characteristics of a Joseph Evans model (but minus their usual Lion trademark), whereas the "P" trademark on the extension column is used by the German firm, Puteus.

two hedges, 2015 Outside the pub at Two Hedges, Pembs. Thanks to Ruth Roberts for the photos.

Markings: A probable Flag and a number on the barrel.

Manufacturer: Probably Lee Howl.
two hedges, 2015

warren, 2015 Outside the Golden Plover Art Gallery in Warren, Pembs. Thanks to Mandy and Shaun Kersey for the photo.

Markings: Looks like a flag with an indecipherable word below.

Manufacturer: Almost certainly a Paragon pump, by Lee Howl.

wiston Set in its own enclosure at Wiston, Pembs.

Markings: Lion and "RD NO. 46671".

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.

wolfscastle, 2015 Next to the Wolfe Inn at Wolfscastle, Pembs. Thanks to Ruth Roberts for the photos. Sadly the pump has lost its spout at some point since 2011, but the fancy counterweight is of interest, not being a typical Joseph Evans pattern.

Markings: Lion.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.
wolfscastle, 2015

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