Llanychaer (click on photographs to bring up bigger/better versions).

Pumps sprout up all over the place in this little village, mostly as quirky garden features, although one does look to be there for its original purpose.

llanychaer This one looks as it's there to pump water.

Markings: None seen from a distance.

Manufacturer: Probably Nordsee of Germany.

llanychaer Not a lot of water would emerge through the stone to which this pump is bolted!

Markings: A small plaque obscured by the fire bucket reads "English Village Pump".

Manufacturer: Unk, but this make has been advertised via the internet within the last few years. Currently we wonder if they are refurbished old pumps.

llanychaer Looks old - might even be connected to a water source.

Markings: "65".

Manufacturer: Unk.

llanychaer A small plank-mounted lift and force pump.

Markings: Lion.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.

llanychaer And finally a small barrel pump.

Markings: Possible "P".

Manufacturer: Puteus.