Montgomery (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

montgomery  montgomery  The pump on the left is on the corner of Church Bank in Montgomery, Powys, and carries an earl's coronet design with a date 1876. The flat front plate and spout are of cast iron, but the housing behind it is made of substantial pieces of timber - showing signs of rot. A large handle is still in place and not strapped down. Stone trough. The second pump - see right - is further down Arthur St, and is essentially identical except for the date - 1871. Its handle is strapped down. The pumps were installed when Edward James Herbert, 3rd Earl of Powis, modernised the water supply.

Markings: Pump is encased.

Manufacturer: Unk.
montgomery montgomery

montgomery And this is reportedly the remnant of what used to be a third pump in the town, on Lion's Bank. Photo suppplied by Paul Snelling - thanks Paul - (who was assured by a local man that this was the case).

Markings: None!

Manufacturer: Unk.