Hatherleigh (click on photographs to bring up bigger/better versions).

hatherleigh In the High St., Hatherleigh, Devon. Photo supplied by Richard Holladay - thanks, Richard.

Markings: Bodley Brothers Iron Foundry Exeter.

Manufacturer: Bodley Bros, Exeter.

hatherleigh On the A386, near Hatherleigh, Devon, an impressive shelter houses the remains of a wooden-clad pump, complete with a substantial circular stone trough. No sign of a handle or spout though. Photo supplied by John Hurst - thanks, John. Elsewhere it is reported that "Carved into the wall-plate is the inscription: This water supply and seat was erected by S. H. Andrews October 1889 and this shelter by his widow June 1897". This would be Samuel Henry Andrews of Pressland (1817-1896), a farmer born in Plymouth. The pumphouse was built in his memory in June 1897 by his widow, Julia Murray Andrews. It has been refurbished in recent years - see www.jjsharpe.co.uk/workpresslan1.html where it states: "This small structure had suffered neglect for a number of years so consequently was in a state of deterioration. The work undertaken involved the careful recording, labelling and dismantling of the Grade II listed structure. It was repaired and restored off site, then reconstructed on a new base at its original site." hatherleigh hatherleigh

Markings: None other.

Manufacturer: Unk.