Edmondsham (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

edmondsham A Grade-II listed flywheel and single-throw crank pump in a timber and tile pump house in Edmondsham, Dorset. Thanks to Mike Faherty for the photo on the left and to Shawn Shaw for all the others.The lead spout is set in a stone block which bears the inscriptions "H.M", "1884" and "H.E.M". The "H.M" refers to Hector Monro, the local squire at that time, and "H.E.M" is his son Hector Edmond Monro, whose initials also appear on some of the old estate houses in the village. Under the roof there's an inscription "G.M. 1931", which may refer to a latter-day member of the family. edmondsham, 2015 edmondsham, 2015 edmondsham, 2015
Markings: None other visible.

Manufacturer: Unk.

edmondsham, 2016 A semi-rotary, in working condition, at Edmondsham House, Edmondsham, Dorset. Thanks to Shawn Shaw for the photo.

Markings: "K2" and a "6" or a "9".

Manufacturer: Possibly RUNWELL?