Ballynahinch (click on photographs to bring up bigger/better versions).

[All photographs supplied by Marcus Simms - thanks, Marcus.]

ballynahinch Ballynahinch, Co. Down. There's something odd about this one: the pump housing is broken off at the lower flange, but it is clamped securely to the pipe on the left. Its cap is missing. Marcus & Mike suggest that the pump continued to function long after it had sheared off at the base, by taking the water off below ground level and diverting it along the adjacent pipes, either straight up to where a bucket could be hung from the existing spout, or along the side branch and into the adjacent building. (There is an isolator valve in the vertical pipe.) The assumption is that the working barrel is below ground.


Manufacturer: Winnington & Sefton.

ballynahinch At Millbrook Lodge Hotel, near Ballynahinch. (The cap is oversize.)


Manufacturer: T. Haughey of Banbridge.

ballynahinch, 2017 At The Miller's Cottage, Harris's Mill, Ballynahinch. This entry was #5000 in the National Register of Village Pumps, dated October 2017.

Markings: Lion and "MADE IN ENGLAND".

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.