Worcester, Worcs (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

worcester In the yard of the Tudor Cafe, Friar St., Worcester, which incorporates a museum. The pump fittings include the remains of lead piping and a tastefully-placed plastic rat! A noticeboard next to the pump recalls the story of the Broad St pump in Soho, notes that this pump is situated very close to the sewerage system, and reflects that over the period 1863-64 Worcester lost 250 people to cholera. An oval plaque on the cylinder carries the inscription:
Markings: None other.

Manufacturer: James Ward.

worcester This one's in the Bevere area of Worcester, and the owners have tastefully replaced the missing cap with an aluminium replica. Photograph supplied by Peter Willis - thanks, Peter.

Markings: None.


worcester, 2017 On the outskirts of Worcester. Thanks to Lindsay Johnson for the photos.

Markings: "THOMAS & SON WORCESTER" on the barrel.

Manufacturer: Thomas & Son of Worcester.