Woolpit Pump (click on photographs to bring up bigger/better versions).

woolpit  woolpit woolpit  woolpit
woolpit woolpit woolpit woolpit
A very imposing commemorative pump in the centre of the village of Woolpit, Suffolk, erected to mark the Jubilee of Queen Victoria. Each wooden pillar carries the carved wooden effigy of a renowned British queen, and the pump itself is capped by what seems to be a lion couchant - or maybe it's a dog couchant. The pump is in a boxed wooden housing, with a padlocked inspection door at the back, and the wrought iron handle with its system of levers, is chained. There's some decorative ironwork on the wooden housing, some of which has been lost, especially around the spout. The spout itself is made of lead.

Markings: Pump is encased in wood.

Manufacturer: Unk

Around the top of the pump, each face in turn carries the words:

"All noblest things are still the commonest"; "Every place has"; "Water light and air and"; God's abounding grace".

The front face carries a carved crown and the inscription:
A Well of
By the
Grace of God
Queen and Empress
1837 1897