Waterbeach, Cambs (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

waterbeach On the green at Waterbeach, Cambs, this one has been given a new housing in recent years. Thanks to John Hurst for the updated version, on the left.

Markings: The pump carries a raised plate with "7360 MARK 15X" written upon it (thanks, Bob Taylor).

Manufacturer: It's not the usual Bamford's shield, but it's clearly a Bamford's pump. (It's a reasonable bet that the Bamford's shield is obscured by the wooden cladding - in fact see the fifth entry for Waterbeach, below, which has the same raised plate, minus the lettering, plus a Bamford's shield.)

waterbeach On the High St, Waterbeach, Cambs. Thanks to John Hurst for the photo.

Markings: Unk.

Manufacturer: Unk.

waterbeach This one's at Denny Abbey Farmland Museum, just off the Ely Road, nr Waterbeach. Thanks to Joan Deane for the photo.

Markings: The name "Appleby" can just be made out on its corroded nameplate.

Manufacturer: Appleby's of Renishaw.

waterbeach Another at The Farmland Museum, nr Waterbeach. Thanks to John Hurst for the photo.

Markings: Flag and "All British Made".

Manufacturer: Lee Howl.

waterbeach, 2015 Also at Waterbeach, this one has a nasty crack in its barrel. Thanks to Bob Taylor for the photos.

Markings: A standard "BAMFORD'S UNIVERSAL DEEP WELL PUMP" shield, plus a raised plate, identical to that seen on the pump at the top of this page, but with no markings discernible..

Manufacturer: Bamford's.
waterbeach, 2015