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tooting, 2018 This one at Tooting, although described as a pump, in fact isn't (see below), and I ought to remove it from the list. Thanks to Alex Vincent for the photos. A plaque reads: tooting, 2018
This monument, erected by
the principal inhabitants of Tooting in 1873
denotes the site of an artesian well
sunk by the parish at their own expense.
From the near - by pump
the villagers received a supply of water
at the rate of 130 gallons per minute.
Known as "The Parish Pump"
it was in use up until the end of the 19th century.
Other pumps at Tooting Broadway
(then known as Tooting Corner)
and in Totterdown Street
were in private ownership.
Markings: A date "1823" and the inscription "ERECTED BY THE PRINCIPAL INHABITANTS OF THIS PARISH".

Manufacturer: Unk.