Some History of the Takeley Pump

The researchers at have come up with some fascinating history of the pump, a digest of which follows:

A meeting of the "Shareholders of the Pump" was held at the vestry of the Takeley Congregational Church on 22 Dec 1886 where it was decided that the parties using the said pump should pay 1 shilling per quarter. Those in arrears with their payments would be instantly cut off. A Mr. Geo Piper lived near the pump and was asked by the Committee to check those who used it without proper right.

Over the years careful accounts were kept of income and expenditure - the latter being on painting & repairing the pump fence, providing a new water slab, repairing the brick floor, providing a new oak post, providing new rails and painting them, and various unspecified repairs. One winter they recorded "Thawing Pump & Packing Up with Manure" [very interesting - that's the first time I've heard of that trick] and one summer "Repair Bucket with New Leather" [this refers to the bucket & clack valve on the plunger].

In Feb 1921 it was noted that some local tenants were using the pump without payment and a strict letter was sent to the perpetrators, demanding that they pay 8/- per house per annum. A meeting of the Shareholders in 1934 discussed the condition of the pump and it was decided to hand both the pump and the well over to Dunmow RDC and money in hand to be divided up amongst the four shareholders. However, it looks as if this didn't take place immediately because at the next meeting they discussed their right to refuse a supply of water to other persons, resolving to lock the pump & supply a key to Subscribers & Shareholders.

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