St. James South Elmham (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

st. james St. James South Elmham has two pumps, set back in their own grassy enclosure just off Hall Green, on the road through the village. The most prominent one is in the centre of the green, in front of an upturned trough.

Markings: No markings found, although there are signs that a riveted panel was once in place on the barrel - now lost.

Manufacturer: Unk

st. james south elmham But at the back of the green, tucked away in the corner, is this unusual pump of strange design. There's a spout near the bottom, and on the side are two shafts. One shaft protrudes which once would have had a handle attached. The second shaft, right next to it, does not protrude, and probably carried some internal gearing to transmit the turning motion to the pump.

Markings: The word "PATENT" on the top, and what might be "B11" on each of the shafts. On the front of the body, just above the spout, is what was probably a maker's shield but, if there was any lettering on it, then it has all eroded. (I've subsequently found one in better condition in Grittleton, Wilts, with an almost complete maker's shield.)

Manufacturer: The Safety Water Elevator Company, Dunstable.