Steyning (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

steyning, 2018 Two pumps at Steyning, West Sussex, which for a long time were the prime water source in the location until mains water was installed in 1893, although they continued in use until at least the First World War. According to a 1792 map of the town they are near to the site of a spring or well from which the Singwell Stream flowed. Old photos of the high level pump all show it to have been fitted with a wooden chute, which was swung out to deliver water to water carts which drew up alongside. The pump was also put to use in dampening down the dusty road until it was tarmaced in 1909. Thanks to Chris Williams for the photos - and thanks also to Chris Tod, curator of the local museum. A small plaque at the back of the plinth states: steyning, 2018 steyning, 2018 steyning, 2018
Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Unk.

steyning, 2017 Another pair of pumps at Steyning, West Sussex - these are in front of the White Horse pub. Thanks to Alex Vincent for the photo. The notice behind them states that the wells were uncovered during redevelopment in 2006.

Markings: None on the left hand pump, a Lion on the right hand one.

Manufacturer: Left hand pump: Unk. Right hand pump: Joseph Evans.