Shilton (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

shilton  A strange set-up in the centre of the pretty Cotswold village of Shilton, Oxon. To the right, just out of the picture, is a old well. In front of the mounting block there's an ancient trough, with a pipe behind it that looks as if it ought to have had a pump attached at some stage. But on top of the mounting block there's an additional large block of stone and, right at the top of this - and perched on the top of a very long pipe - is the carcass of a small pitcher spout pump. (I think this is a Lee Howl 51.) Why go to all the trouble to install a pump at that height, out of reach from the ground? My initial thought was that it could have been for use during the traction engine era, but elsewhere I've seen it stated that it was for filling tanks carried on farm carts.

Markings: Small raised panel - no inscription.

Manufacturer: Probably Lee Howl.
shilton  There's another pump on the outskirts of the village, just down the road, by a bridge over a stream, which has some nice ornamental work.

Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Unk.