Isles of Scilly (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

[With thanks to Amanda Martin, Curator at the Isles of Scilly Museum, Hugh Town, without whom I'd never have found the pump at Old Town.]

hughtown, 2015 One of very few remaining pumps on the Isles of Scilly. This one is in the park at Hugh Town, St. Mary's.

Markings: Lion and RD NO. 46671.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.

hughtown, 2015 In a private garden near the old school at Hugh Town, St. Mary's.

Markings: Just visible, a Lion.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans

hughtown, 2015 In a lane alongside the Post Office at Hugh Town, St. Mary's. The pump is in a bad state, with a crack in its barrel.

Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Unk

old town, 2015 Almost lost amongst the greenery at Old Town, St. Mary's.

Markings: Flag.

Manufacturer: Lee Howl

tresco, 2015 In Abbey Gardens, Tresco.

Markings: None

Manufacturer: Unk