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reading The Whitley Pump in Reading is something of a local landmark. It's an impressive cast iron pump, with 3 spouts feeding 3 inter-connected troughs - surely a unique arrangement. Thanks to Mike Woolford for the photos. The original pump was installed at the top of Whitley Street in early 1860s by Mr John Jackson Blandy when the King's Head Pond was filled in, but was removed about a hundred years later when the roundabout at the top of Whitley Street was built. The pump that is there today is a three-quarter replica, unveiled by Councillor Trish Thomas on 12 May 1999. Thanks to Evelyn Williams for the historical information, and much more can be found at and

Markings: There's a nearby plaque, a photo of which can be seen at one of the above links.

Manufacturer: Unk.

reading, 2019 Advertised on Ebay as being in Reading. Thanks to Graham Cooper for pointing this out.


Manufacturer: J & W Badger of Worcester.

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