Nailsworth Pumps (click on photographs to bring up bigger/better versions).

nailsworth A sadly-neglected wooden-boxed lead "rat's tail" pump down a little alleyway in Nailsworth, Glos.

Markings: None

Manufacturer: Unk.

nailsworth By the side of the road in Watledge Lane, on the outskirts of Nailsworth, Glos.

Markings: Flag and 3".

Manufacturer: Lee Howl.

theescombe, nailsworth The smallest (and rustiest) semi-rotary I've seen to date, near Spout Cottage on Theescombe Lane, just outside Nailsworth. Said to date from about 1900, it's very similar to one nearby at Pinfarthings, near Amberley.

Markings: "NH" set in a diamond shape, "No1", and "British Make".

Manufacturer: Newman Hender.
theescombe, nailsworth theescombe, nailsworth

nailsworth, 2017 At the Weighbridge Inn, nr Nailsworth, Glos.

Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Unk.