Mickleton (click on photographs to bring up bigger/better versions).

(My thanks to Ann and Richard for arranging/permitting access to private property.)

mickleton A very smart pump mounted on a plank. The barrel is fitted with a device at the bottom which is almost certainly a bleed nipple for draining water out of the pump to prevent damage from freezing in the winter. And there's an adjustable bolt just above the handle, which I assume is intended to limit its travel.

Markings: "Charles Winn & Co" and "Birmm" on cap.

Manufacturer: Charles Winn & Co, Birmingham.
mickleton A working pump above a nice stone-lined well. Has mounting lugs which suggests it might originally have been on a plank.

Markings: Flag, "2½" and almost obscured roundel which would have proclaimed "All British Made" or "Made in England".

Manufacturer: Lee Howl.