Little Dunmow, Essex (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

little dunmow

little dunmow, 2014
A magnificent pump in the main street, Little Dunmow, Essex, with dual spouts and a chained handle. Thanks to Paul Snelling for the original photos and to Bob Taylor for the later one (painted green).The pump carries the proclamation: little dunmow little dunmow
Markings: "WARNERS CRIPPLEGATE LONDON" on the base. "40" on the counterweight.

Manufacturer: Warner's of London.

little dunmow Not much showing behind a high wall in the main street at Little Dunmow, Essex (thanks to Paul Snelling for the photo on the left) and to Bob Taylor for subsequently creeping around the other side (photo on right), and showing that it has a dual spout. He also confirmed the maker's name - to date (2015) the only example we've located carrying the name of the founder of this well-known pump-making firm.


Manufacturer: John Ingold of Bishop's Stortford.
little dunmow, 2015
little dunmow, 2015