ledbury In a courtyard off The Homend, Ledbury, Herefs.

Markings: "4".

Manufacturer: Unk.
ledbury This double lead pump is outside the museum on Church Lane, Ledbury, Herefs. It carries a notice:
Domestic Water Pump from the basement
kitchen of The Yews, The Southend. It provided
a choice of well water or rainwater.
 Markings: None other discernible.

Manufacturer: Unk.
ledbury On display next to the above pumps are two others.
Markings: The one on the left has a Lion. The other is unmarked.

Manufacturer: Left pump: Joseph Evans. Right pump: Unk.
ledbury A quite large bore lift and force pump with a hefty brass stopcock in Plough Yard, off The Homend, Ledbury. The vertical lead delivery pipe has been sealed off.
Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Unk.
ledbury In Salter's Yard, off Bye St, Ledbury.
Markings: Lion.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.