Keele (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

[Thanks to Marcus Simms for all the photos.]

keele, 2017 An odd set-up at Keele, Staffs.

Markings: The upper pump carries an "N" in a hexagon but there are no markings on the lower pump.

Manufacturer: A relatively modern Chinese pump mounted on a genuinely old unidentified pump top.

keele, 2017 The remains of a triple-throw pump at a pumphouse at Keele University, where it used to be driven by an overshot waterwheel via a gearing arrangement. The barrels are now missing, but an air vessel is still in place.

Markings: The frame carries the name "W.G.COWLISHAW.1877"

Manufacturer: Unk, but W. G. Cowlishaw co-wrote a book in the late 1800s with a Mr. Woodworth, entitled "The Woodworth System of Progressive and Automatic Cut-Off Gear for Winding Engines".
keele, 2017