Ipswich (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

ipswich This fire-damaged pump is in the now-regenerated Isaac Lord storehouses/maltings in the Wet Dock area of Ipswich. If it looks decrepit now, just take a look at an earlier photograph, taken before the area was improved. Photographs supplied by Borin Van Loon - thanks, Borin - who maintains a fascinating website. The lead tank, unusually, does not carry the spout, although it has a raised circular blank patch which was probably originally intended to be pierced for that purpose. It is embossed with: ipswich
A floral [?] motif
From Borin's website he confirms that "IC" - the classical way of depicting "JC" - stands for John Cobbold, of the Cobbold brewing dynasty, who once lived in the Isaac Lord house.
Markings: None other.

Manufacturer: Unk

ipswich, 2017 Also in Ipswich, Suffolk. Thanks to Rob Taylor for the photo.

Markings: None visible in the photo, but it's a Climax pump - note the holes at the top of the operating rod extension, which betray the origins of the design - for a windpump.

Manufacturer: Thomas & Son of Worcester.