Ifield, nr Crawley, West Sussex (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

All photos taken at Ifield Mill by Paul Snelling - thanks, Paul.

ifield A lift and force pump with its wooden plank set in a cast iron boot. It has been renovated, with the boot apparently coming from the Montefiori Hall at Three Bridges, according to a notice. A nearby display shows some interesting old pump advertisements, one of which is for the above-ground section, which Tylor's termed a "Strong Wrought-Iron Deep Well Handle, on Iron Foot, mounted to work through plank loaded to counterbalance weight of iron well rod, with sling and guide". Another old advert is for Evans' Plank Working Arrangements, clearly very similar to what we can see today, but with a Joseph Evans "Lion" trademark at the top of the plank. ifield ifield ifield
Markings: "J.Tylor & Sons, Engineers, London", on the boot. Apparently no markings on the working barrel of the pump.

Manufacturer (Boot): J.Tylor & Sons. (Pump): Unk, possibly Joseph Evans, but also very similar to a Warner's model.