How to Distinguish between a Joseph Evans and a Lee Howl Pump. 

At least two models of pump produced by Lee, Howl & Co are practically identical to models made by Joseph Evans & Sons, but here are some ways of telling them apart:

(a) If the pump carries a lion rampant trademark, usually with the word "LION" underneath (just to make sure you appreciate that it really is a lion) it's safe to say that it's a Joseph Evans - but their earlier pumps don't feature the lion.

(b) One common Joseph Evans pump I've found also carries the inscription: RD NO 46671 - but more often than not this is obscured by layers of paint. I've checked with someone who has studied the history of this company, and he tells me that this is a Registered Number that indicates that the design was first registered in 1886-87.

(c) Most Lee Howl pumps sport their flag trademark - but many don't.

(d) Many Joseph Evans pumps proclaim that they were "Made in England", whereas many Lee Howls use the words "All British Made" (but I've seen some with a flag and "Made in England"...).  
lee howl york Both Joseph Evans and Lee Howl made what they called their "York" Cottage Pumps, which were widely sold, and many are still in existence today. Their distinctive design makes them immediately recognisable, and most carry either a Lion or Flag trademark - but some have been found with no trademark. In the absence of such, a very slight difference in the shape of their caps might be noticeable (thanks Marcus Simms for pointing this out), but the giveaway is the shape of the loop at the end of their handles. The Joseph Evans (see right) has distinct corners to the loop, whereas the loop on the Lee Howl (see left) is rounded. joseph evans york