Hunsdon (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

(Thanks to John Hurst for all the photos.)

hunsdon An impressive ornamental pump at Hunsdon, Herts.

Markings: A plate at the bottom carries the words "TURNER, DORSET STREET, FLEET STREET" and probably "LONDON".

Manufacturer: George Turner.
hunsdon hunsdon

hunsdon A deep well flywheel and crank pump at Hunsdon, complete with stopcock, air vessel and 3:1 gearing, all set on a substantial concrete base.

Markings: "CLIMAX", and "235/15" on the air vessel. (Thanks for confirming, Bob Taylor)

Manufacturer: Thomas & Son of Worcester.

hunsdon, 2015 Also at Hunsdon, Herts. Thanks to Bob Taylor for the photo.

Markings: None visible in photo.

Manufacturer: Unk.