Horringer (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

horringer, 2015 In the basement of Ickworth House, Horringer, Suffolk. Thanks to Bob Taylor for the photos. This is quite a complex arrangement, and I may have got it wrong, but:

(i) The lift and force pump will simply feed water to the tap mounted on the branch above the hold-up valve.
(ii) It once would have lifted water to an upper storage cistern, but the extension pipe above the tap has been sealed off.
(iii) There's also a pulley wheel visible, with what might be a small co-axial pump connected to it, and a belt which leads off to the left, out of the photo. Is the belt perhaps driven by an electric motor, to lift water to the upper storage cistern/s, so saving a load of effort for the poor soul whose job it was to fill the cistern/s each day?
(iv) But what's the role of the white pipe, which becomes narrow bore just above the skirting board, and carries a drain valve?

Markings: None visible.

Manufacturer: Unk.
horringer, 2015

horringer, 2015 In the grounds of Ickworth House, this one has an almighty crack in its barrel. Thanks to Bryan Woolford for the photo.

Markings: Lion.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.