High Wycombe (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

high wycombe, 2016 A lift & force pump in excellent condition at Hughenden Manor (NT), complete with stopcock and vertical delivery pipe. Note the feed-through air vessel. Thanks to Marcus Simms for the photos.

Markings: The pump barrel carries the wording "NEWGATE ST. J. TYLOR & SONS LD LONDON E.C.".

Manufacturer: J. Tylor.
high wycombe, 2016

high wycombe, 2016 Also at Hughenden Manor, Bucks. Thanks to Marcus Simms for the photo.

Markings: Very indistinct, but best guess is a Paragon flag, and a small obliterated roundel.

Manufacturer: Probably Lee Howl.

high wycombe, 2017 On the Hughenden Manor Estate, High Wycombe, Bucks. Thanks to John Hurst for the photos.

Markings: "[indecipherable name] PLUMBER WYCOMBE 18 [rest of date obscured by spout]".

Manufacturer: Unk.
high wycombe, 2017

high wycombe, 2017 At the Little Market House in High Wycombe, Bucks, the pump has had a welcome sprucing up. Thanks to Mike Woolford for the photos.

Markings: A floral design on the lead tank.

Manufacturer: Unk.
high wycombe, 2017