An extract from copious notes provided by local historian, David Bottomley.

An elderly gentleman, born in 1925, had reminisced: "Although there were many water pumps in the village, people would walk quite a distance with their buckets and metal jugs for this delectable water from the Fountain. Doctors, including our last resident doctor, Dr. E. Waud, used the water extensively for making up medicine. In our home it was customary to fetch a bucket morning and night for cooking, tea making, and home made lemonade in the summer. It had its drawbacks - you would leave the pump with a full bucket and arrive home with three parts of a bucket, plus wet shoes and stockings. It was very soft water and very much in demand on wash days. Water for the side boilers in the kitchen fireplace was from the outside rain tubs. Piped water was introduced into the village in the mid-1930s. The fountain was erected at a cost of £400".

David Bottomley has subsequently carried out some further research and confirms that it was indeed a pump, and that the handle was removed, given to a villager, but has now been lost.

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