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tottenham A flywheel & crank pump at Tottenham High Cross, Greater London. Photo supplied by Paul Snelling - thanks, Paul. Nearby is an informative plaque: tottenham

In early days, while Tottenham was still a village of less than 3,000
inhabitants, local people got their water supply from a well. Deep
underground water supplies were reached using a bucket and a
rope. As time went by, water pumps on street corners were
introduced - one such pump was the Old Well. It was dug in 1791
and paid for by Thomas Smith, Lord of the Manor of Tottenham, at
Bruce Castle. The well was looked after and repaired by the parish
council. The Local Board of Health made improvements to the Old
Well in 1859 by adding a tiled roof.

The Old Well supplied most of the surrounding district with water
until 1883 when the supply was found to be polluted, possibly
because of poor surface drainage. The well was then chained up.
It has never been used since. The Old Well has remained here
unchanged as an interesting piece of old Tottenham.

The well was refurbished by the Rotary Club of Tottenham to mark the Coronation
of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953; It was restored again in 2004 by Haringey Council
in partnership with English Heritage, Transport for London Street Management
and the Heritage of London Trust.
Markings: None visible.

Manufacturer: Unk.