Findon (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

findon A superb example of a single-throw flywheel and crank deep well pump. It's housed in a timber-framed pantiled shelter at Findon, West Sussex. The delivery pipe is missing, but note the unusual counterweight on the lever arm. Photo supplied by Paul Snelling - thanks, Paul.

Markings: "Hayward Tyler & Co., Engineers, London" on the cast iron frame.

Manufacturer: Hayward Tyler of London.

findon Small plank-mounted pump in Findon, West Sussex. Thanks to Paul Snelling for the photo.

Markings: Lion.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.

north end, 2018 Findon, West Sussex. Thanks to Alex Vincent for the photos.

Markings: A roundel containing the words "JOSEPH EVANS & SONS WOLVERHAMPTON", and in the centre, "CULWELL" plus the letter "E".

Manufacturer: It's an early Joseph Evans model, before they adopted the Lion as their trademark.
findon, 2018