Fen Drayton (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

fen drayton Fen Drayton, Cambs. Thanks to John Hurst for the photo on the left and to Richard Close for the one on the right.

Markings: Carries a plate with the words "J.B.Ulph, St. Ives, erected 1853".

Manufacturer: J.B.Ulph of St. Ives.
fen drayton, 2017

fen drayton, 2017 Also at Fen Drayton, Cambs. Thanks to Richard Close for the photos, and for telling us that both pumps were last used in the 1930s. "This lead pump in an elm and oak box with a bird's nest top is now affixed to the wall of our two cell lock-up." The pump was originally sited by a nearby well, but an ash tree grew out of the side of the well and pushed the pump over. His father re-positioned the pump beside the well but some lads pushed it into the brook, from where it was re-sited to where it is today.

Markings: None

Manufacturer: Unk.
fen drayton, 2017