Earl Soham (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

earl soham The cap on this pump at Earl Soham, Suffolk, surely cannot be original! Thanks to Mike Tovey for the photo on the left and to Paul Snelling for the close-up of the cap.

Markings: "Appleby & Co., Renishaw Ironworks, nr Chesterfield" on pump head.

Manufacturer: Appleby & Co.

earl soham Also at Earl Soham, Suffolk. Thanks to Paul Snelling for the photos.

Markings: The lead tank cariies the letters "SB", a garland and a date, "18[xx]".

Manufacturer: Unk.
earl soham

earlsoham, 2017 And another at Earl Soham. Thanks to Bob Taylor for the photos.

Markings: A Bamford's shield with the words "UNIVERSAL PUMP"

Manufacturer: Bamford's.
earl soham, 2017