Cherry Burton (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

cherry burton, 2015 Here's an interesting group at Cherry Burton, East Yorks - two pumps, one of which has dual spouts, the lower of which carries a stopcock to allow the higher spout to be brought into operation. The larger pump has lost its (compound) handle, and the smaller pump has lost its cap. Thanks to John Hurst for the photos.

Markings: The smaller pump carries a roundel which can just be made out to read "APPLEBY & CO. RENISHAW IRONWORKS NR CHESTERFIELD", but the maker's name on the larger pump is now indecipherable.

Manufacturer: Small pump is Appleby &Co, large pump Unk.
cherryburton, 2015

cherry burton Another example at Cherry Burton, East Yorks, painted to match the ones above. Thanks to Paul Snelling for the photo on the left and to Richard Fatkin for the one on the right.

Markings: A blank maker's plate.

Manufacturer: It's a J. Villiers of Beverley pump.
cherry burton, 2018