Calcot, West Berks (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

holybrook Two old turnpike pumps remain at Calcot (near Reading, but strictly in West Berkshire), and they were part of a series of such pumps "installed originally to keep the dust down on the London to Bath Rd." This one is still in its original position on the A4, opposite The Old Post House. Photo on the left supplied by Holybrook Parish Council - thanks, David - and thanks to Mike Woolford for the photo on the right.

Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Reportedly Hedges of Bucklebury
holybrook, 2012

calcot, 2014 calcot, 2014 The other turnpike pump has had to be removed from the verge in the layby which used to be almost opposite the Calcot Hotel, because of a council road-widening scheme. The Friends of Linear Park offered a new home for the pump at the Beansheaf Community Centre, Charrington Road, Calcot, and after a thorough cleaning and painting have now (2014) re-erected it as the centrepiece in their Sensory Garden. Thanks to Iain Pate, Secretary of Friends of Linear Park, for the photos of the pump in its new location, and to Mike Woolford for supplying one of it where it used to stand (see right).

Markings: None .

Manufacturer: Hedges of Bucklebury.
calcot, 2012