Isle of Bute (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

st. colmac, 2014 Almost lost in brambles at the former Ettrick Smithy, St. Colmac, Isle of Bute. The pump has lost its handle and cap, but closer inspection reveals that it has a lining, possibly of gunmetal.


Manufacturer: It's a Macfarlane No. 2 Pump.
st. colmac, 2014 st. colmac, 2014

kingarth, 2014 At a farm near Kingarth, Isle of Bute.

Markings: "1211" and a probable manufacturer's name obscured by multiple coats of paint.

Manufacturer: Unk, but a probable Macfarlane No. 1 Pump.
kingarth, 2014 kingarth, 2014