Bryncrug Pumps (click on photographs to bring up bigger/better versions).

(There's at least one other one in the village as well - which I missed on my last expedition.)

bryncrug A solid pump with no pretentions, in the middle of Bryncrug, Gwynedd.

Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Unk.
bryncrug At Pen Parc, Bryncrug, Gwynedd.

Markings: Lion.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.
bryncrug By the side of the A493 leading West out of Bryncrug.

Markings: "Bamford Universal Pump", within a shield.

Manufacturer: Bamfords of Uttoxeter.
bryncrug A large pump, with the top of its cap rusted through, tucked away in a side street at Bryncrug.

Markings: Lion, and an attached panel with the name "NORTON HAMAR" and some other words obscured by rust.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans, supplied via local installer Norton Hamar.