Binbrook (click on photographs to bring up bigger/better versions).

[Thanks to John Hurst for the photos.]

binbrook A nicely preserved pump on the Grimsby Rd., at Binbrook, Lincs. There's an inscribed plaque just below it, reading:
This 19th century pump was built on a ramp to enable
water carts to fill up more easily. Hill farmers came to
the village regularly to get water needed at harvest
time for steam threshing machines as well as for
brewing to quench the thirst of their workers.
The rings in the brickwork were used to tether waiting

The pump was refurbished in 1996 with funds provided
by East Lindsey District Council, Rural Action and
Binbrook Parish Council.
Markings: None other reported.

Manufacturer: Unk.

binbrook This one's in the Market Place, Binbrook, Lincs, and it is recorded by English Heritage as having been installed in 1910 by Amies and Barford, Peterborough.

Markings: None visible.

Manufacturer: The pump is very similar indeed to the Model 442 Ornamental Pump Case made by Hayward Tyler of London (see Fletching, E. Sussex).