Amberley (click on photograph to bring up bigger/better version).

The first three photos are by Paul Snelling - thanks, Paul.

amberley Two nicely preserved pumps at the Amberley Working Museum - and I think both of them are in working condition.

Markings: A nameplate on the barrel reading: "JOHN WARNER & SONS LONDON MANUFACTURERS".

Manufacturer: Warners of London.
amberley Many, but not all, features of the second pump are very similar to the one above.

Markings: None.

Manufacturer: Probably Warners.

amberley, 2015 And one in a scullery/laundry at the museum.

Markings: Flag and "PARAGON".

Manufacturer: Lee Howl.

And these are by Mike Faherty - thanks, Mike.

amberley Here's another at the museum.

Markings: "RUNWELL No 5".

Manufacturer: Ashwell & Nesbit Ltd., of Leicester.
amberley And this one of quite a different design.

Markings: Reportedly "CHALLENGE", although it's obscured by many layers of paint.

Manufacturer: Possibly a Joseph Evans model.