Alveston Pumps (click on photographs to bring up bigger/better versions).

alveston A well-preserved pump on "The Square" in the old village at Alveston, Glos. The spout carries a repair in the form of a pre-decimal Queen Elizabeth II penny, just above the bucket hook, which might imply that it was still in use at least as late as the early 1950s. Local knowledge suggests that the pump was installed in the place of the previous well in about 1929-1930.

Markings: With difficulty the words "Llewellins & James, Bristol" can just be made out under multiple coats of black paint.

Manufacturer: Llewellins and James of Bristol were very well-known bell founders, but also described variously as "brewery engineers" and makers of "philosophical instruments" - i.e., mathematical instruments.  
alveston road Just beyond, Alveston, on the road to Olveston, stands this securely padlocked pump, with the following inscription:
Markings: The only marking is what could be "599".

Manufacturer: Unk.  
alveston alveston These are the scant remains of a pump that used to be at a private house in Alveston.

Markings: Lion, "4" and a weathered design number that might be RDNO46486.

Manufacturer: Joseph Evans.